Monday, 4 June 2012

My name is Sophie

I'm not even completely sure how to use blogspot. Never have been, and will probably never get to full grips with it.  But for the moment I think I'm going to hold my breath and give it my best shot! I think for me, it'll be a little bit of everything. I'm into fashion and beauty. So a fair bit of what I post will be fashion related. But it may just be odd pictures from life. Posting the things I do may inspire me to actually do exciting things as opposed to spending every minute of my spare time asleep or watching 'The Chase'.
So, my name is Sophie and hopefully this'll work out!


  1. What are your tips on a successful blog? I've had my blog around the same time as you and I only have 29 followers :(
    What do you think gains followers and support most of all?