Sunday, 18 November 2012

My bunny Humphrey

Firstly, I apologize as this isn't the usual post I'd normally write about. It is not fashion or beauty related so I am sorry. But I feel I need to write this post, for myself.

This gorgeous bunny was called Humphrey. He was an agouti-butterfly French-Lop rabbit and was born April 9th 2006 and died November 19th 2011. One year ago tonight. However he did not have the personality of a rabbit but of a dog. And he had the soul of a brother.

At less than 2 years of age, Humph got Myxomatosis (for those who don't know what that is, it is a rabbit disease which is very common in wild rabbits and there is a mere 10% chance of survival with rabbits who get it.) He went blind in one eye and needed intense looking after. One day, after months of daily eye and face cleaning and lots of antibiotics and loving care the vet announced the disease had gone! Humphrey had survived the fatal disease and just over a month later he regained his sight. 

One year later, Humphrey got another disease called E-Cuniculi, which paralysed his back leg and after another year it made him incompetent, so he could not control his bowels. 

Now, putting this all aside for a second, I have to point out a large fact about Humphrey, he LOVED life. He had a hutch which he used for about 3 years, then just had the constant use of the whole garden and had a whole shed for his house. He would also come inside our house daily for cuddles, TV and toast. Whenever we'd go out to the garden to just put the washing out, he'd come hobbling over just to nudge and lick our feet. 

Despite my dad telling us for months before Humph died it was cruel to keep him alive and to have him put down, I would never listen. We all knew Humphrey loved us and his life, as he ate so much, and everybody knows if an animal, or a human for that matter, stops eating, that is a give up of hope. 

The night of the 18th November 2011 (One year ago today), it was extremely cold outside so I brought Humph in for a lovely bath and blow-dry and a few slices of toast. As I sat on the kitchen floor feeding him toast, he stopped for a second (which he has never done with toast in front of him before) and came right up to me and licked me. My feet, hands, all that he could, then snuggled up to me. 

Now I know that was him saying thank you, and I love you. Because the next morning we found him snuggled up in his blanket in his shed soundly gone to rest. 

I still think about Humphrey every day. How he listened to my every problem in the 5 years of his life and was there for me more than any person has ever been. 

I hope you're resting in peace my miracle bunny and I know you're still looking over me every second. 


  1. RIP to your Humphery! We lost our second dog back in May and I felt lost for days, going to the back door and not feeling her wet nose touch my hand. It's sad losing a pet because they are much more than that x
    Laura xoxo

  2. This was really beautiful.
    Pets never really leave our hearts. I'm happy that Humphrey had such a loving owner that cared so much about him. Wishing you comfort. x


  3. Oh darling! Treasure your memories of Humphrey, they are lovely & will warm your heart forever.

    I still miss my lil Fiver cat. He died rather suddenly 5 years ago or so & I apent nearly a week crying over the loss. I have my fav pic of him as my wallpaper & seeing his sweet face makes me smile everytime I sit down at my computer.

    You will never forget Humphrey, but time will soften the pain. I promise.

  4. RIP Humphrey. hes very cute rabbit >_<
    i remember my hamster, she was like Humphrey. she was sick. there was a big bump round her chest. it said that i couldnt do anything because she was old and if we surgery her she might not survive T_T but she kept eating and playing. so i knew that she had a happy life with me T_T so im happy for that
    im sure you will be happy that Humphrey died in peace and had a happy life with you :D he knew that you love him so much and thats enough :D

  5. awh he is gorgeous. sorry to hear he isnt in your life anymore but he is sooooo cute you must be so glad you had him for when you did :D x

  6. Aww RIP to your lovely Humphrey :(
    Shucks. So sad.

    The Misty Mom

  7. Awww :( RIP to Humphrey :( He was really a cute one~

    I had some fishes , I killed them by my own hands. It was an accident. I gave them too much fish food that they died. Next morning they were floating on the surface :'(

  8. This was such a sad post but also really beautiful! It's so lovely that you have such great memories and well done you for looking after him so incredibly well! I'm sure Humphrey loved you just as much as you loved him xxx

  9. oh my god, ive always wanted a bunny called Humphrey! He was so gorgeous, I love this post, its amazing how close of a bond you can have with an animal! I'm sure he's making sure you're okay and looking down on you from bunny heaven :) xxx

  10. Keep hold of those memories forever and ever!
    My beautiful baby Tasha (my dog) had to be put down 2 or three months ago as she was getting old, her back legs were really bad and also lost control of her bowels.
    There isnt a day that goes by that i dont think about my bubby and she will always remain a big part of my life and heart.

    Lovely post, RIP Humphrey xxxx

  11. Aww such a touching post! RIP cutie Humphrey xx

    Pastel Bokeh

  12. Awwe..RIP...what a beauty! xx