Thursday, 15 November 2012

November's Jewellery Wish list

1. Rock 'N Rose Maia Cross Bracelet in Silver I have wanted one of these chain cross bracelets for weeks, yet have only come across this one from Rock 'n Rose and I preferably would like a gold one as I don't really wear silver much. I have found simular on Ebay for 99p, but I'm a bit iffy with that thought as I don't want it to break on the first wear...

2. Vina Mirrored Collar Necklace in Gold  Again, I have wanted one of these collar necklaces for ages, again in gold. It reminds me of an Egyptiany piece and think it would go fab with a collared shirt or with a high-necked top.

3. Bunting Necklace is from We love Button Jewellery and I absolutely LOVE this site. It is so cute, adorable and affordable! And brilliant quality as I have experienced from my Scrabble ring and Moustache Necklace. Also, you can get a great 15% off from now until the 30th November by using the code 'WLBJ15OFF' at the checkout. Bargains!

4. This Typewriter Key ring from Rock `n' Rose is so quirky! I love all things like this, hence why I haven't removed my Scrabble tile ring from my finger since I received it! However,  everywhere I can find this ring online, no site seems to have an 'S' in stock, can anyone help?

5. I think this Spike Charm necklace is gorgeous! So in fashion right now with the spikes, yet fun and quirky as the necklace itself is so packed. I can't wait to buy this, as again, it is from We love Button, so I know it's cheap yet brilliant quality!

6. Okay, I'll admit, I am a bit of a geek. I am a massive Lord of the Rings fan and am in desperate need of this ring especially for when The Hobbit comes out on the 14th December!

7. Finally these John Lennon glasses inspired necklace. Beatles fan, plus they remind me of those flying glasses that man wears as a kid in the film 'Up'.

I cannot actually get over the fact I am almost at 400 followers, thank you all so so much!! 

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Sophie xxxx 


  1. love these necklaces! how amazing is the spiked one :) xx

  2. Absolutely ADORE all of them. I have #2 & #6 :)
    you have great choice in jewelry!

  3. I love number 5 :),great wish list!
    Check out my blog hun running a GIVEAWAY :)

  4. i want all of these pieces! #6 instantly made me think of the big bang theory when they're all holding onto it haha

  5. My favourite is the cross chain bracelet and I really want one! I'm the opposite to you though I always wear silver jewellery over gold!


  6. I have wanted a LOTR ring forEVER...:D

  7. I love number 2 and 5!:D<3

  8. I love the typewriter key ring! Also love my Scrabble ring :) x

  9. i see you love quirky jewellery! I'd love for you to check out :-)