Thursday, 8 November 2012

We Love Button Scrabble Ring


I have been after a scrabble ring for absolutely years! It has always been on my mind to purchase, but never got round to it! A few weeks ago I noticed my friend had one that she had bought on ebay, however, hers was extremely flimsy and broke that same night. 

Yesterday I got sent a beautiful little package from We Love Button Jewellery with said Scrabble ring. I was over the moon as this ring is sturdy, NOT flimsy and fits a lot better on my finger. And it's an adjustable size, which is fabulous as I have very awkward sized fingers.  

I think it is extremely cute and as you can see, lots of celebrities opt for the adorable ring themselves. So, if you're after cute, cheap celeb steals, you should definitely get this Scrabble ring (and I advise not from Ebay, from the state of my friend's ring!)

Would you believe it is only a measly £3 on We Love Button, which you can buy here.

I was also sent this ADORABLE little moustache necklace, in pure spirit of Movember. It has a lovely little pearl attached and I think it is so quirky. And again, it is so cheap to buy at only £4! Which you can do so here.

Everything on We Love Button is homemade and extreme value for money, going by the prices and the quality of the items I have received. So head on over to check them out if you're like me and think Topshop charging £12+ for rings and necklaces is beyond ridiculous!

Also, I've been given a code to share with you gorgeous bloggers for a great 15% off! Which makes the prices even cheaper! Use the code 'WLBJ15OFF' at the checkout!

Sophie xxxx


  1. Yes Topshop et al jewllery prices are a joke. I love the scrabble ring, have one myself. The other stuff looks great too x

  2. Wow i love the ring, i might have to get myself one. The love heart necklace is also fabulous.


  3. great stuff. I bought a scrabble necklace off ebay about 2 years ago, it broke the first time I wore it!

  4. i've been wanting a scrabble ring as well, definitely going to be checking them out! that moustache necklace is super cute, love anything with moustaches!!

    -ariel* xoxo

  5. I'm loving the scrabble ring!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  6. aaaah this has made me miss my lovely little scrabble ring which unfortunately broke :( I think I need to order a new one from this website! xxx

  7. How cute is your ring :)

  8. Love the little moustache necklace, I so want one :)

  9. ah these are such cute pieces! the love heart ones are so so cute!

    hope you'll visit back!

  10. the scrabble ring is awesome! and i love the moustache necklace xx

  11. Ooh, lovely pieces!! I want a scrabble ring! Maybe I'll make one with our scrabble game that just sits on the shelf collecting dust :)


  12. Love that bunting necklace!

  13. So great, love all of this quirky jewellery.

  14. loving the accessories hun!

    New Follower, Follow back?

  15. The scrabble ring is amazing!

    I just started a blog and I would love that you and your followers could check it out!
    If you like it, Follow each other on bloglovin and GFC??

  16. cute cute acc. loved loved it :)