Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Not Hard to 'Spot'...

Dress - Apricot, One very simular from ASOS here
Trilby - Camden Market
Velvet Boots - Primark
Duck Rings - Miss Selfridge
Both Bracelets - Miss Selfridge
Lipstick - Kate Moss Rimmel 107

This dress is one of my all time favourites, and I am so shocked at myself I haven't yet done a post on it! It is so comfortable, and makes me feel great as I feel it makes me look slimmer than I actually am!
The spots on it are of a velvety material, and we all know what a velvet fiend I am! 

Hence the shoes too, I spotted these in Primark a few weeks ago for a small price of £6! Black, heeled and velvet, what's not to love?! The rings came together in a set for just £2 in the sale, as did the cross and peace bracelet, at £2 each. I really do love the jewellery sales in Miss Selfridge!

In the news, the snow seems to have come to a stop, but is at that annoying point where it's both icy and sloshy at the same time. Making walking to work with holes in my work shoes a very difficult task.

I hope everyone's had a good few snow days though, whether you managed a cheeky day off work or school or not! I am currently organising a giveaway for all of my wonderful followers as I feel I can never give enough back to you all for reading my posts!


  1. miss selfridge always have amazing jewellary sales especially when they really reduce it down :) nice outfit!

    Beautiful Dreams

  2. Lovely outfit! Your ring's are so cute love your dress too, especially the velvet polka dot's

    Sjmwell xx

  3. What a very vintage look you've got going on there! That dress is absolutely adorable :) stunning xxxx

  4. que pelo más chulo! jejeje


  5. The rings are so cute!! I'm so gutted my local Miss Selfridge shut down :-( Beautiful outfit x


  6. how cute are your rings, awh! x


  7. goodness, you look absolutely gorgeous! and those rings are so cool. haha i love them!

  8. I love this outfit! The highlight for me was definitely the rings <3 xxx

  9. I love the dress, and your hair! x

  10. You are so pretty! I LOVE the little duck rings, how cute are they aw haha. Yep i've had a few days off college and now I feel like such a lazy shit. x


  11. love your hair! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  12. haha those rings are amazing!

    Chloe xxxxx