Friday, 18 January 2013

S'No Clothes like Snow Clothes

Bobble Hat - Topman
Quilted Jacket - George @ Asda
Baggy Purple top - New Look
Floral Leggings - New Look
Hidden wedge Hi-Tops - Dorothy Perkins

I know the snow in these pictures has melted, but as we all know, it has started falling like cats and dogs this morning! And what better to wear in the snow that a cute bobble hat to keep your head warm?!

Now, this quilted jacket my Dad bought for me in Asda the other day because he has one the same (but from Burton) and it is 'the warmest thing you will ever wear'. Considering it was only £10, I thought i'd give it a go. And Oh-Em-Gee he was right! I live in a house that may as well be in Antartica with the temperatures it can get to, yet wearing this jacket, I will never be cold again!!!!

Lastly, I absolutely adore my wedged hi-tops from Dotty P's! I went to buy them a month or two ago for the full price of £45 but bought my Topshop leather jacket instead. However, when I went back a few weeks later I discovered they had been reduced to £25! Without hesitation these were straight in my basket! I was slightly worried I wouldn't get much wear from them as I mostly wear dresses and skirts with tights, but my gosh I was wrong! They do seem to go with whatever I wear and they are so comfortable I cannot get them off my feet! (It's also perfect they make me seem slightly taller yet do not appear to have any heel on them!)


  1. Estas muy guapa!!

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  3. Absloutely love the bobble hat, too cute!! xx

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  5. The colours look great and your hair is fab! x

  6. i love love love your HAIR! it's GORGEOUS! :D

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  7. You look fab, Dahling & I LOVE those plummy trainers! <3