Thursday, 14 February 2013

'When love is not madness, it is not love'

Valentines Day can mean several things. Some people get down at the fact they are not in a relationship. Some people go on meaningless dates to not feel alone on the day. Some people spend it with a friend, or a few. Others do nothing. Then there's the lucky few who have somebody they are in love with to spend the romantic holiday with.

But I believe, that whatever your status, it is not a day to be ignored. It is a day to thank whoever you love for being there for you. Whether it be with a card, presents, or just a few simple words.

Personally, I have always loved to celebrate the day. I let everyone I love know that I love them all the time, and do not need to wait for the day to do so. But unfortunately I am yet to own a money tree so only splash out for this reason on Valentines day. 

Now, I personally am a hopeless romantic and am a sucker for cheesy gestures. 'Guess How Much I Love you' is a children's book from mine and my boyfriend's childhoods. It is a simple book with a lovely message of two hares saying how much they love each other. Myself or my partner would love to receive this as, alongside the obvious message inside, it shows love by bringing up a memory told maybe once in brief conversation.

Another present with a heart-warming message. A simple yet effective present that would make anybody smile. Shakespeare always did have a way with words.

Adorable Bunny with heart - Etsy - £15

This is a gift I could leave in a place for my Valentine to find themselves. Left with a little note saying,

'This is my heart, and it's yours.'

Another gift with the same idea would be an old-fashioned key in a lovely box. Left with a note saying,

'This is the key to my heart, and it's forever yours.'
For myself, the perfect Valentines day (assuming myself and my boyfriend have the day off work) would be to both wake up as usual, do the usual thing of laying in bed for a while hugging with an 
'I love you.'
Then to surprise him with my cheesy gifts, hidden around the house, and cook heart shaped pancakes.
Then a romantic walk along some riverside and maybe a picnic.

Later on, a candle-lit dinner would be magical, either homemade or at a reservation made by myself or him, with a few glasses of Rosé. To a gorgeous hot, scented bubble bath with candles, a lush bath bomb and some soft music.

Picture credited to here.

I hope everybody has the Valentines day they wish for, whoever you spend it with.

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  1. that bunny is just the cutest, awhhh! and enjoy your day 'tomorrow'! x

  2. Happy valentine's day sweetie , your ideas are great , if we lived in heaven !!
    None of this will ever come true in my realistic life LOL , may god help me past this boring day ,

    am following you now , wanna make my day & follow me back ?


  3. that banner is so cute hope you had a lovely day x

  4. happy valentines! i love the print poster :) mmm i have a craving for heart shaped pancakes now! maybe tomorrow :) just found your lovely blog and I'm a new follower xx would love if you popped by :) x