Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Frosty Touch | Nails How To

Every Monday I'm like 'wooo Monday Manicure day!' Then I get into watching something like Fresh Meat or Misfits or Breaking Bad and it turns Tuesday. And there's something that feels wrong about posting a Manicure post on a Tuesday, damn television!
So I thought, since the snow is apparently on it's way, why not get into the frosty spirit on my nails?!
It's a really quick and simple one to do, and I think looks super cool (haha get it?!) and fitting.

So without further ado, the step by steps:

The Varnishes I used were Barry M in Hologram 244, Barry M in Blue Moon 317 and the Models Own white nail art pen.

Starting off with a clear few coats of the blue, topping with a few coats of the glitter to spread an even coverage. I think that already gives you a 'Brrrr Frosty' effect, but I felt it needed a few frosty flakes as well, which I did with my Models Own pen, and a not so steady hand.

Anybody have any other wintery nails ideas?
They make me feel all Chrsitmassy!!


  1. Really pretty for Christmas

  2. These are so cute! I will have to try these out!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  3. This was so cute Sophie, didn't realise you'd spruced up your blog - where are the pugs at? ;)


  4. Such pretty nails!


  5. These are really pretty, love the base colour!

    Alice | Beauty By Alicee xxx

  6. Pretty! Thanks for sharing this. ;)