Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Life Update: Appologies

1. Christmas Night out | 2. My beautiful God-Daughter Phoebe Rose | 3. Wagamamas! 
4. Shoppings | 5. Train times, new hat | 6. Christmas food fridge - beautiful!
7. Fixing broken friendships | 8. Rugby match (we lost!) | 9. Matching Christmas Jumpers 

Now where do I even start with this post?! I haven't blogged in almost a month and as much as I know I do not have to explain or make excuses, I genuinely want to, to give myself some piece of mind? Not sure. So, as much as they are reasons, I'll write you more of a 'catch up with my life' post, and you'll see why I've been absent. 


Now, for me, December is always a manic month for me. I know everybody has Christmas to keep on top of, but this lovely month also has my Birthday and yearly anniversary for myself and the Mr. 

To start things off, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I went out for my work's Christmas meal and had the unfortune of losing the entirety of my make-up collection (more or less). I stupidly had all 10 Mac lipsticks, 2 YSL lipsticks, 3 Limecrime lipsticks, my Sleek blushers, Urban Decay eyeshadows, Benefit mascaras, Laura Mercier Primer and much MUCH more in one big make-up bag which, went walk-abouts that very night. I have since contacted every place I went that evening, the police and plenty of local people over Facebook about it, and was unsuccessful. Personally, I feel somebody picked that up and thought Christmas had come early. Oh well, no point dwelling.

I also had a lovely night out at The Forum in Hertfordshire for my Birthday, which, gave me the lovely present of 2 friends who had completely cut me from their lives due to untrue rumours back into my life with apologies. Unfortunately again however, this was the night my nail glue exploded and 80% ruined my iPhone (still useable but crusty!). Following this, 2 days later, said phone fell from my pocket and the screen smashed. 

On another day, I was travelling back home from London, got out at my platform and bumped into an old work friend I hadn't seen in about 2 years (who happens to go by the name of 'Zoella' on the internet, no name dropping intended ;)) and that was nice. But 10 minutes later on with-drawing cash from the cash-point someone stole from me my bank card and cash I had just taken out. Yes, 1 week before Christmas.

On my actual Birthday day, the storms got so bad all of my plans were literally blown out of the window when all forms of public transport seemed to come to a holt. Still can't complain with the family time and Raspberry Sours consumption.

Christmas day was lovely though. Lots of lovely presents, shopped the sales, ate too much food and slept. However, I was back at work the next day for every day right until a few days ago, lovely jubly.


Now, putting that terrible month behind me and burying it very deep into the sand, I now have 11 days until I start my next adventure of working in Lanzarote. For those of you who may be a new follower, or just don't know, I work seasons abroad as a 'Overseas Holiday Advisor' *Cough, Rep*. So being as excited as I can be, organisation is lacking. Money's gone walk-abouts this Christmas and being the fool that I am, I left my entire Summer wardrobe in Cyprus last season. So I have been being one of THOSE manic sales shoppers, trying to put together a complete wardrobe AND make-up collection in under £100. Not going so well by the way... 


Now, I'm not going too into this factor as I'm not too sure if i've ever been completely open with my blog readers with what's wrong with me, and i've never been a fan of bloggers who do this whole 'I get panic attacks and here's a massive post about it that was just SO hard for me to write' thing.  
But however it has been awful for me lately, and in between the constant doctors appointments, councillings and health courses, I'm absolutely petrified about going away by myself again, but I believe it's something I must do.

So, yeah, I apologise that I have been a little absent this past month. And also appologise if I won't be blogging much when in Lanzarote. I know i'll have no wifi again like in Cyprus, however I know I will blog more than I did out there. Thank you so much for all still being with me and I hope you all had a fan-dabby-dosy Christmas and New-Years!


  1. Wow what a tough month! Hope you're getting back on track now, I would cry my eyes out if I lost that much make up! People are so selfish. Have fun in Lanzarote, very jealous! :) xx

  2. lovely set of photos! lovely post :)

    hope you can visit my blog sometime soon.
    keep in touch!


  3. join, please! kisses

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  5. couldn't agree more about the bloggers writing the massive post about their troubles. Sounds like you've had a bit of a hectic end to the year haha but I hope you're doing okay and have fun in Lanzarote! xxx

  6. You have a beautiful layout! So sorry to hear about you loosing your makeup and getting cash stolen, that sucks :( Hope you are feeling better in the new year.

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog