Thursday, 27 March 2014

Puerto Del Carmen Carnival!

My Gosh, it has been a while since an update on the old life abroad! I promise to update more often from now on as I do have a lot of interesting ones to write about, that's if anyone actually reads them..

So Lanzarote has a Carnival in each resort just once a year, and the biggest of the 4 they hold being in Puerto Del Carmen. Unfortunately, we did have to work at it.
And by work I mean, guide the coaches to the carnival then do a 45 minute stand at the information desk. Can't complain really.

The parade and floats were spectacular, from everything from men dress as Mario on scooters, to glorious glitzy glamorous costumes. Naturally, in the Spanish nature, every single person going down that strip was mind-numbingly gaziboed, filling up their abnormally large cups with sangria as they passed.

We ourselves couldn't help but join in the festivities by dressing up too, from fairies, to Batman, to pirates and myself as a Musketeer on the right. The amount of passer-bys who just wanted a group photo of us all was outstanding.

If you ever get a chance to go to a Spanish carnival, or any cultural carnival, I highly recommend it. Just witnessing the bursts of culture through behaviours, costumes, language and traditions, it's something that happens every day in this world we live in, and you really need to experience these things to live at all.


  1. I didn't know Lanzarote had any cultural carnival/festivals, looks like a good day

  2. This looks so fun! Everyone looks amazing! :)