Monday, 10 August 2015

Woah, I'm in Ibiza!

Wow! What an experience so far. Some good, some bad, but let's just say, I am so glad this island has been a part of my life. 

The island itself is so beautiful, from the little white buildings, the purple and pink flowers climbing up their walls, the blue as blue waters, the dusty tracks and boats resembling Jordan Belford's from the Wolf of Wall Street. 

The season, is so different to what I'm used to. You hear 'Ibiza' and you imagine non-stop partying, crazy nights and not a lot of sleep. And yeah, I was excited for this, but I have got the complete other end of that stick. The East coast I live on is peaceful, pretty, quiet, and traditional Spain. It has in fact, been the most chilled out of any of my seasons. A pint nowadays, feels like a mission, as opposed to the usual chugging them down like no tomorrow.

I've discovered a chilled out sobriety and I'm loving it. I'm enjoying my job (except August, August so far can go f*** itself). I've met some wonderful friends (one of a male species in particular..), seen some spectacular sunsets, been to some great parties, and chilled out on the beach a wondrous amount of times. 

On another note though, on life update mode, today I did my video interview for LONG HAUL for Summer 2016. ARUBA or COSTA RICA. Can you imagine the beaches? The Pelicans? The Frogs?

Things have really been getting me down lately, with more stress than a snow-globe has flakes, but I guess I just need to look at, and enjoy the bigger life picture, right?

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