Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Luxury Lush Pud | Lush Bath Bomb

Oooh hello you little ball of Christmas luxury, aren't you are delight! So this guys, is the Lush bath bomb 'Luxury Lush Pud' and he is a part of the Lush Christmas family, hence the holly.
He has the gorgeous aroma of what I can only describe as a warm Christmas cookie, with a hint of cinnamon. Which, of course, instantly makes you both hungry and Christmassy.

So as you can see, I definitely felt like I was bathing in a tub of red wine, or grape juice. Yum!

So, just a quick message to apologise for my absence on my blog and the twittersphere this week, it's been the absolute worst. I never used to believe in Friday 13th superstitions, I sure do now!
I've had my bank card and money I withdrew stolen, I've lost my makeup bag with EVERY piece of make-up in, including about 7 MAC lipsticks, 2 YSL lipsticks, 3 Limecrime lipsticks and much much more. Not to mention it was all in my Pug Bag!! Oh and to top it all off, my precious iPhone fell out of my pocket and smashed. I don't want to ever leave my bedroom again.

So if you are one of my new beautiful advertisers and haven't received your email yet, don't worry, I haven't forgotten. You'll be advertisers until the end of January on my blog, twitter and instagram!

Has anyone else tried this gorgeous bath bomb?
Anyone else had any Friday 13th bad luck?


  1. That is beautiful! Seriously need a trip to lush :)

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  2. Que buena pinta tiene!! besitos

  3. The water turns absolutely stunning - I love this bath bomb! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  4. It looks amazing!

  5. Ahh sorry to hear about all of that happening! I don't know why but hearing you lost all of that makeup made me cringe the most, not because im some crazy beauty addict but you'd have to spend so much money on getting your collection back! Something good will happen soon to level it all out. :) I wish I had the money to try some of the christmas bath bombs this one looks glorious! :( xxx

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  7. =( Oh no..I hope you've recovered from those unfortunate events. Maybe this Christmas, Santa will give you some great stuff =D Let's be hopeful.
    I've heard about these bath bombs from Lush but I've never been able to walk into the store to get something for myself. I can smell the scent from far and by the time I'm at the store, my senses are all numb. Definitely over-powering.

  8. Im so sorry to hear about what happened:( Things will get better though! I havent tried this specific bath bomb yet, but after reading this post I definitely will! Have you tried the Cinders holiday bath bomb? Its amazing and smells like christmas haha!

  9. Oh noooo :( Hope everything gets sorted out soon, but just remember that it's all things that can be replaced! Merry christmas lovely xx

  10. I'm a huge bbw fan but surrisingly never tried lush. Well I don't have a bathtub (have a jet shower) so you know haha. Do you have bbw where you live? Sucks what happened to your bag though!

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