Thursday, 13 September 2012

I need help.

Jumper - £3.50 - Charity shop, originally Primark
Skirt - £12 - New Look
Dress - £11 - Primark 

Having no job at the moment leaves me very tight for money. But there are reasons why I am currently jobless so it's okay. But i try not to let myself leave the house as I don't want to face myself with temptations. However today, I DID leave the house and managed to spend £50. Although I got a bargain jumper and plain stripey t-shirt from a charity shop and an AMAZING dress from Primark. I originally found this dress online on the Look website, but did not realise what material it is. I hate it, that lycra, spandexy feel material that clings to your body and shows all of your lumps and bumps. But I loved the print so much I had to buy it, I just may have to wear my Bridget Jones pants when I wear it.


  1. Ah I love charity shops for complete bargains! I got some cute bits today that i'm planning on doing a post on xx

  2. The skirt looks really cute and the print on that dress looks amaze :)

  3. I love that dress! I'm hope they still have it in my Primark, the print looks gorgeous!!!
    Eleanor x