Thursday, 2 August 2012

Going for gold!

The last week I have managed to snap up some amazing sale buys, especially in the jewellery section. 
Since living a 5-7 minute walk from town, it's so easy just to get up and have a look around (also lethal though, if you ask me, since I don't yet own a money tree.) 
Now, I never have been, and probably never WILL be a silver person. Jewellery wise, I have always worn gold. Don't ask why, that's just how it's always been. Now, as we are in light of a very 'gold-themed-England' due to the Olympics, I thought I'd show you the few pieces I've snapped up this week

Dorothy Perkins - £2 down from £16

Dorothy Perkins - £2 down from £10

Primark - £1 down from £4

Miss Selfridge - £1 down from £10

Topshop - £3 down from £16

Those that know me know that I am an extreme high-street shopper, but most of all, an extreme sales shopper. Never having had too much money, I can never quite find the point in spending £12 or so in a necklace, which is the going rate these days. So I get all giddy when I find buys like these. 
Anyone else found any bargain jewellery lately? 


  1. Oooh good finds! Your blog is lovely :) xxx

  2. Goodness great finds, i love hunting for discounts


  3. Great necklaces! Love golden accesories :D