Saturday, 1 December 2012

My week with Instagram #2

1. With my mum being a poorly bunny, I finally got her out of the house for a country walk, stopped by for a cream tea!
2. Nothing better than winter hats and instagram filters.
3. An old birthday card with an all-too-true message.
4. Decided to play chef for a few days, say hello to my scrummy sweet and sour quorn chicken concoction.
5. Gave my room back home a pre-Christmas sort out, found these beauties which could be future blog-sale participants! 
6. Somebody needs to buy me this wine substance, it's sequinny!
7. At the Rugby supporting my team London Irish! (we lost 27-23 last minute boo!)
8. Train journey with Christmas Gavin and Stacey and Maccy D's!
9. Myself and the Mr on our way to do some shopping!


  1. Ahh i want this wine too, purely for the bottle...looks like you had a nice week :) xx

  2. Cream Tea <3
    Love your lipstick :)

    Check out my November Favourites :) x

  3. Great pictures hun love the pink wine I wan't this for Christmas day!.

  4. Pink Fizz is looking super sassy :D I love these bracelets :)