Sunday, 2 December 2012

Myleene Klass Nails

 A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from the lovely Laura from Fitznbitz for these Myleene Klass nails wrapz! I had never tried any kind of nail wrapz before so was really excited to see what all of the fuss was about! 

Firstly, these ones aren't the wrapz that you apparently do with a hairdryer (or whatever!) These are just simple stickers that you place on your nail. And in all honestly, I had great difficulty applying!
They would just not lay flat and crinkled up and when I had finally applied all 10, a few looked all bumpy (as seen on the thumb in the first picture).

Within about 2 hours of wearing them the ends started ripping and coming away slightly, which really frustrated me (I had even applied a top coat!)

However, despite all of these factors, I actually enjoyed wearing them, as I think they looked really cool and I did get a few compliments on my nails. 
I am not too sure about paying the £5.99 for them, but if I found them cheaper anywhere I maybe would buy them to give them another go!

You can find the demonstration appliance video here and there are many different colours and patterns to choose from! 

Have any of you tried these nail wrapz? And how did you find them?


  1. Cute nail look!

  2. I think these nails look amazing! I love the colour blue anyway and anything with stars is a bonus! They don't look to bumpy in these pics I think you did a good job!

  3. these look amazing! such a cute design :)


  4. The design is gorg. Bit disappoining they didn't last longer. But a good idea for a night out or meal etc. I no a sight where there cheaper but unsure of the quality i am still to try them out. I heard there time consuming so when i have the time i will. How ever i will let you know the website later.

  5. That's a shame they were so hard to apply because the design is really kool. x

  6. I've tried these exact ones and felt almost exactly the same. If they were cheaper I'd definitely consider getting some because It'd be worth it for a cheap easy design for a night out or something but the bubbling up of them drove me crazy!

  7. I love printed nail wraps and think they look gorgeous, I just find them SO difficult to apply :( these look gorgeous though! X

  8. it looks really nice but same as you, i have a really hard time applying them on my nails. it's just really difficult. and yes, i don't think it's worth the price.


  9. OMG, your nails look adorable))

  10. awesome nails and
    i love the ring that you are wearing.



  11. Loved the name of the blog! :D

  12. Love these- they're so perfect for me! :)

  13. great nails!

  14. Gorgeous! I will have to get these :)