Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My (slightly delayed) 'What I got for Christmas!'

I never expect a lot for Christmas, as I am now 21 years old and have a fairly small family. So when I was awoken (at 6.30am!!!) Christmas morning to open pressies with my little brother, I was so very shocked to have this MASSIVE bag full brought out to me! An odd few of these bits were given to me for my Birthday (on the 23rd of December), but I thought I'd show you a few of them too!

Firstly, there's my gorgeous new iPhone 4 from my wonderful boyfriend! He actually gave me this about a month before Christmas as my 3GS had worn out on me and it and myself were having daily feuds.
This was a present for both my Birthday and Christmas as it is VERY expensive and he is a student, bless him!

What better to get new a new phone, than a new phone case?! From my mum, but I chose it out on amazon, so I know you can purchase it here. I am in so much love with it, I never want to change it!

Next, my gorgeous new Henry Holland bag! I adore it's satchelly-style and how it can go across the body (as I have a fear of losing or dropping my bag, as I am a complete clutz!)
It is my favorite burgundy colour and has a lovely snakeskin pattern and texture to it! It is has a lovely pattern of horses on the inside and is the perfect size for my daily duties and necessities!

DVDs, as well, who doesn't love a bit of Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake and R-Patz?!

My Mum and Dad also got me these adorable little storage boxes, which I know will go to MORE than good use! Especially the jewelry styled one, as I never have a decent place for my earrings!

Beauty goodies! 
The Soap and Glory 'Mist you madly' has an absolutely lovely smell that I cannot resist spritzing on myself every morning! 
Again, from my parents, the Gok Wan product gift set, as I discovered his products a few years ago and have not been able to resist them ever since! They ALL have such a wondrous smell about them and the body moisturizers leave your skin sparkling gold, and I love feeling like Edward Cullen sometimes.
Also, who doesn't love a bit of Body Shop coconut body butter?! Thanks again Mum!
The Sanctuary gift set was a pressie from our next door neighbours as my family went round theirs for Christmas dinner this year as my Mum has had an operation on her hand, leaving her unable to cook (don't even ask about my Dad's or myself's cooking skills!) I cannot wait to try out these different products as I have tried their body butter before and it is gorgeous!
The others bits and bobs were lovely smelling body lotions from friends, I love myself some smellies!

I also received an insanely soft fleecy onesie that makes me feel like a sheep and is perfect for my freezing cold house back n Hatfield. And a soft hat-scarf which has cute ears on it and makes me feel like a cute polar bear. And Beyonce's fragrance 'Heat' with the fragrance's shower gel and body lotion in the gift pack!

I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and got everything they wanted, I have enjoyed having a mooch about everybody's present blog posts and I am so sorry it's taken so long for me to put mine up 
(January 9th!! Tut tut!!)

Who's feeling a 550 follower giveaway? I know I am!


  1. I got Beyonce's perfume for Christmas as well! I absolutely love the fragrance although I'm not a fan of it's staying power! Looks like you had a good Christmas x

  2. you got some really lovely things! I adore your handbag, it's perfect :) x

  3. Wow you got some lovely presents, lucky girl!xx

  4. Love the presents you got! Especially the storage boxes and beauty products :)

  5. That bag. It is beautiful. I think I'm in love.

    Ashleigh x

  6. Oh wow that bag is beautiful, I absolutely love the colour and snakeskin effect! I'm super jealous of your storage boxes too, they're so pretty. Sounds like a very successful birthday/Christmas :) xx

  7. You can never have too many Soap & Glory products! That body spray is so good x

  8. You got many amazing gifts! I literally like everything! xx

  9. I thought you actually designed your phone case before reading about it!!
    The jewelry box looks so adorable and the goodies too! ^^
    YES for giveaway! :D

  10. ooh you lucky girl!
    You got some amazing bits, love all the body butters! And how sweet of your boyfriend to get you an iphone! x

  11. wow you got so much lucky you x

  12. Wow you got some lovely things :) I love the phone case xo

  13. wow you got many awesome things

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  14. Valla navidades y valla regalos!! Geniales
    Te espero en y espero que te guste y me sigas :)
    Un beso desde las Islas Canarias.

  15. Iphone 4 - nice!

    I've been dying to watch water for elephants, have you watched it yet?

  16. ahan...lovely collection girls..
    i would like to steal your beauty goodies honey ;)