Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Life Update | Instagram #1

Since I've been back
1. YUM. 2. I'm now on youtube! 3. Me and mum decided housework would be more fun with Rose. 4. My Dragon Iggy. 5. YUM. 6. My new Baby! 7. Smiley Sophie. 8. Curly. 9. My favourite book ever.

1. One of my last nights out. 2. Catamaran times. 3. New hotel bedroom. 4. Smiles. 5. I met Stavros Flatley! 6. Beach times. 7. My View. 8. Beach Partayyyy! 9. When Will visited. 10. Times to remember. 11. That time we swam out to sea at 6am to watch the sun rise.. 12. I got celotaped to a pole in a bar.. 13. My hotel I worked out first has watersides! 14. That time we walked along the seabed.. 15. I didn't pack many lipsticks.. 16. Me packing last minute..

So I thought I would do a quick, little 'Life the past 6 months' post via Instagram. As you can tell, I didn't use much internet at all when I was abroad, due to lack of time and wifi. I did so much more than this but I uploaded when I could. Cyprus was amazing, don't get me wrong, and it's not that I'm glad to be back to escape the place, it was to escape the people. Anyways, I'm back home to get better and will hopefully have more amazing experiences in the future.. But for now my main priority is ME and feeling better.

Also, I've actually written a schedule to a more 'hopefully' organised and structured blog. Wooo!

PS. I've just noticed I've hit a whopping 800 blog followers! Thank you ever so much guys, that means so so much to me you have no idea!!!!!


  1. Looks like you had an awesome time though! And ill go and watch your video now! :D

  2. lovely pictures, they all look so cosy and nice! xx:)

  3. Ahh you have a pet dragon! Looks like you've been having a great time lately.

  4. Your holiday looks amazing! :) x