Sunday, 27 October 2013

Staying In with Greg and Russell | Life Event

As it's Sunday, I thought, to keep in tone with the cosy day of rain, slippers and roast dinners, I'd do a little reflect post. I know it seems I've come back to blogging with a very lazy attitude and believe me, I think I have, but this is no way intentional. It is in fact, I believe, down to settling in again. Obviously, I've had to restart a job I haven't been at for almost 2 years, I've got a best friend who has literally gone into hospital today to pop out a baby (YAY) and just seeing people in general I haven't seen since before going to Cyprus. But I promise, I have so many BIG ideas for blogging and so excited for it all, it's just getting back into time adapting and keeping. Which, I haven't always been the best at anyways.
So, I am sending a big apology to all of the gorgeous readers, and again, I do promise you lots of posts very very soon.

So, proceeding on. This week, as you can probably see, I met Russell Kane!! But please excuse my messy atire as wind and rain from 8am until 12 midnight when this picture was taken isn't always the best. So myself and Will received free tickets from Applause Store to go and see the BBC show Staying In with Greg and Russell

Now for those of you who do not know, Applause Store is a site that you can apply to see TV shows being filmed live as part of their audience. It is completely free but the winners of the tickets are selected at Random. However you have to go yourself and have to attend (well, it's just I believe it effects your future chances of receiving tickets). I think it is such a great way of a cheap night out (depending on your local train/petrol prices) and an opportunity to maybe meet and watch some fantastic people and shows. This is the first show I have attended, but I have also received some for Celebrity Juice and Take Me Out, which I am very looking forward to going to!

It was such a well run, smooth evening and myself and Will were even surprisingly in the 'Priority' audience which meant we were in the on-set audience and had our picture taken for a 'roulette game' the celebs played. We were so very lucky to have gone the week that the guests were Nicole Scherzinger, Dynamo, Shaun Walsh and John Newman. As you know, I met Russell Kane after the show, however I also half met Shaun Walsh and got to be 1 of 20 people at John Newman's feet whilst he performed. 

The show will be aired this Wednesday at 10pm GMT on BBC, not too sure if i'll be seen but it is such a funny episode so I suggest it's given a watch! (Even if it did take over 3 hours to film a 30 minute show!)

I hope you have all had an amazing week? And look out to everybody here in the south England, the storms are coming!!


  1. That's soooo cool! I love Russell Kane so I bet htis was such a cool experience, you're super lucky! I hope everything calms down soon hehe :)

    Kassie -

  2. Oh my god i love that show so much, Greg and Russell together are so funny
    love victoriajanex

  3. Being in the audience sounds like so much fun! I signed up to Applause forever ago, but then never ended up doing anything. I'd love to be in the Jeremy Kyle audience (so sad haha!) xx

  4. wow! you are so lucky to meet all those celebs! really great!

  5. I am so jealous, I flipping love Russel Kane haha! I went to see him last year in Barnsley and he was fab!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog (I know it was a while ago...) but it means a lot you took the time to check it out :) xx