Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Father Christmas | Lush Bath Bomb

Now, for anyone that doesn't know, I am a massive Lush fan. But you probably did know that, because I am yet to come across a person who isn't a Lush fan. However, my ultimate favourite, are their bath bombs. I could easily use one a day, but that may break the bank a little bit (bad Sophie!)
So as you may have seen over the bloggersphere, they've got their infamous Christmas range available, and among the midst of melting snowmen, penguins and fairies, I picked up Mr Claus over there.

To begin, doesn't he just look adorable?! Okay, I think he endured a bit of rough and rumble in the bag, and his face has become a little deformed, but still cute right? And the smell, oh the smell, it's Christmas in a scent. Please, if you're passing by a Lush store, go in and smell one of these bad boys.

So when first dropped into the tub, the bomb fizzles out a lovely light pink colour, however it then explodes out shoots of bright green, a traditional Christmas colour. It fizzes away and adds that amazing soft feeling to your bath water and skin. Then, once it's completely fizzed away, your bath is left a lovely green colour, which I felt, made it feel like you were in a massive cauldron in a potion. Which is cool. But yeah, there are some Bath bombs I have been disappointed with, and this is not one at all. So go grab this beauty, it's just £3.25, and add some Christmas into your tub!


  1. I had no idea this went green! I think i might have to try this now!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  2. Wow, I never would have expected the water to turn green - that's so much fun! I've got my Lush Christmas bath bombs all lined up and I can't wait for December to come so I can use them :o). Xx

  3. This is so cool, and the colour is crazy! Need to go to Lush before Christmas.

    Beauty By Alicee xxx

  4. this is amazing! the green was such a surprise
    abi from a little dust

  5. i love bath bombs! this one looks so amazing! i guess a trip to lush is in order :)

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  6. Do you know, I've never tried anything from Lush. I really should..
    Adela x

  7. I really want to try out some bath bombs from Lush but I'm not sure if I can bring myself to spend £4 just for one bath.

  8. I don't think I've ever come across this brand, then again I am having seniors brain moments a lot these days so who knows! I haven't had a relaxing bath in such a long time, I think I need to remedy this immediately.


  9. I love lush christmas products, I am waiting until the sales to buy some x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  10. I keep meaning to pick up some Lush Christmas bath bombs :) x

  11. Good grief didn't expect the green! It does look rather cauldron-like haha! Need to pick up some bath bombs :)

    Tigerlily's Beauty Blog