Friday, 30 October 2015

My Beautiful Summer

Wow, what a six months to attempt to summarise within a single blog post. If only there was a way of creating a Mary-Poppin-Style blog post, where it could fit in absolutely everything, without it seeming to contain much at all and using up too much space. 

The friends I met and lived with were the best I could've asked for. We made a comfortable little family within our little home and it has been the summer of peace, self acceptance and love.

Yep, I find myself catching the Grease bug - 'Summer Lovin''...

Long story short, I met this guy, and without a chorus of backing singers, what we got up to was nothing short of a romantic movie;

- We went to a peaceful little hippy-bar on the beach and watched the blood moon set over the sea.
-  We went to a beautiful, classy bar to when it started thundering and lightening intensely. He then drove me away on his scooter to the top of a woodland hill, overlooking the town to watch the terrific storms above our heads. The forks of lightening lighting up the sky and to top it off, the blood moon made an appearance- seeing this kind of became our thing.
- The moon being a running-theme of our relationship moments, there was the night with the Lunar eclipse. That night too had forks of lightening. He took me up to the roof of a hotel with a drink to lay down, looking up. It started raining, so we kissed in the rain. Cliche.
- We arranged a day off together where we hired a car and went around the island to places I had never been. He booked us into a beautiful 4* hotel for the night and had a yummy Italian meal.
- He picked me up at midnight once and whisked me off to the beach, with a bottle of wine and a blanket packed. We had a beach wine-nic.

There was many moments of kissing in the rain, kissing in the sea, absolute 'take-me' moments, and my stomach had constant butterflies for the past 6 months. All I can say is that, although the whole season we knew it was going to have to come to an end, I wish it didn't have to.

I have seemed to be able to think a lot more clearly now, after this summer, and have learned to think with a more positive attitude, being so grateful that those moments happened, we will see each other again, and just remember the memories instead of wallowing in the fact it's over.

I am so happy it's unreal.

I've found a new me this year, and i'm never going backwards again.

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