Thursday, 7 January 2016

My Second Winter in LAPLAND

Not quite sure how to sum up this special winter season into words. So I'll just give you one:

I'm not going to lie, on my way out to Gatwick airport, I had the biggest nerves, I had done this season before in Lapland, and my memories weren't the freshest. I remember being tired, stressed, drained, and just overall, a little bit sad. But boy was I wrong to feel these nerves!

Yeah okay, I'm not going to say it wasn't hard work, because again, I felt that stress, that drained feeling and being so over tired, but this time around, it all seemed worth it.

I think the biggest reason behind all of this has to be the little team I was blessed with. I have always, and will always say this, it doesn't matter where you are in the world, but if you have a wonderful team that feels like your family, you'll have the best time. None of us really conversed during the training period. I met fabulous people there too, and if I'm honest, I was absolutely gutted when I was told I would be placed 3 hours away from those people, but all we then needed was that first night out together, and we were instantly family.

From Dance offs, Karaoke, Spanish blokes, Finnish blokes and Chicken on the floor (all berry-Juice influenced, obviously), this season in Levi started out with a bang (-ing headache, but fun all the same).

The customers started flooding their way in, and looking after the hotel with the most arrivals in Lapland, we surely did not have a minute to spare to eat, sleep, think or breath. But it was all very much so worth it. (This obviously having a helping hand in losing 14lbs in 6 weeks)...

There was hard days, and surprisingly, there was easier days, but all of which I will never forget,

And all I can say is, if anyone ever has the opportunity of visiting or working in Lapland,

Do it, as it'll be that magical place that will stay in your heart forever.

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