Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Where Sophie Goes

Hello everybody, my name is Sophie  and welcome to my blog 'Where Sophie Goes'

My Blog is so named this because I go places. I Get about a Bit. That sounds wrong. 
I'm a Holiday Rep. Hi! 

There was one day in my 21st year of life when I got this fantastic opportunity to work abroad. Living, and earning in the sun! The dream right?

Obviously I took up this amazing offer, and shortly after I was zoomed off for 7 months in Cyprus. 
I was then to pack my bags and spend a fabulous 11 months in Lanzarote.
Then 7 weeks in Lapland.
Then another 3 months back on the rock of Lanzarote.
Then 7 months in Ibiza.
Another 7 weeks in Lapland.

That brings us to now. 24 years of age, 3 years of adventures under the belt, and the next in view is Summer 2016 in Kefelonia (a small Greek Island, Yes, I had to Google Map it too..)

My life is exactly where I want it to be. I never had itchier feet as I do today, and I love it!

I adore my job, working for the public, and the fact no 2 days are the same.

I love the lifestyle, of being thrown into a team of strangers, and in next to no time, you are all like family, and make friends for life.

I can't get enough of the free time and days off, exploring new places, knowing the country like the back of your hand, and experiencing things some people only dream of..

I love the cultural experiences, not only visiting, but living in different cultures, learning the languages, eating the food, and befriending the locals..

And of course, don't you think I'd forgotten, In true Rep-Style,
of course I love the crazy nights out that turn into 7am-ers,
the waking up to an apartment that looks like something from 'The Hangover'
Swimming out to sea at 6am to watch the sunrise,
Being Sledged home in Lapland singing Christmas songs,
and consent fear, yet love of lining out salt, lime and downing half a bottle of Tequila.

So back to the point, this blog of mine is just for me, to document a few things from my life, so I can look back and think 'Yeah, that was pretty F***ing awesome'.

Thanks for coming along and reading, I hope you enjoy and I'd love to share all of my adventures with you!!

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